3-Balloon Bouquet Table Arrangement


Inject a burst of party magic with our 3-Balloon Bouquet Table Arrangement! These balloons aren’t just decorations; they’re the life of the party. With vibrant colors and playful vibes, they turn any space into a celebration zone. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion where fun is the main guest. Get ready to elevate your event and set the mood with this lively table arrangement. Let the festivities begin! 🎉🎈

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Get ready to elevate your party vibes with our 3-Balloon Bouquet Table Arrangement! This balloon masterpiece isn’t just a decor piece; it’s a party starter and room transformer rolled into one.

Picture this: a burst of vibrant colours dancing in the air, setting the mood for an unforgettable celebration. Our carefully curated bouquet is more than just helium-filled latex—it’s a visual feast that ignites the energy in any room.

Whether it’s a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or a casual get-together, this balloon staple creates an atmosphere that screams, “Let’s get the party started!” The lively hues and playful shapes add an extra dimension to your event, turning an ordinary space into a festive wonderland.

So, if you’re aiming for a celebration that leaves a lasting impression, our 3-Balloon Bouquet Table Arrangement is your secret weapon. Watch as it transforms your venue into a lively, dynamic space where every balloon tells a story and every detail contributes to the big picture of a memorable party! 🎈✨

Please note:  These balloons will need to be collected or delivered on the day of your event


Collection by small car.

Balloon Care

Balloons and Temperature

Please don’t leave your balloons in a hot car – helium expands in the heat and we don’t want them to pop! Please use air conditioning in your car when transporting balloons on a hot day. Rain making your balloons droopy? Don’t worry – they’ll float again when dry. Helium-filled balloons don’t like the cold, they will temporarily sink and will fly high again when they have warmed up.

 Balloons – Child and Pet Precautions

Balloons are not a toy. Uninflated or burst balloons can be a choking hazard, so don’t leave children under the age of eight without supervision. Store balloons away from pets we don’t want them tangled with balloon ribbons or accidentally eating popped balloons and decoration (confetti, feathers, or other materials.) If a balloon pops, clear away any broken bits straight away.

Balloons and the Environment

Balloons don’t last for ever 😭:-(At the end of your balloon’s life, cut the end of the balloon with scissors to remove any air or balloon gas, then put it in the bin.) NEVER release balloons into the environment. ALL released balloons become litter and who wants to look at old balloons in trees or on power lines. Remember – Don’t Let Go & Pin It and Bin It 😊

Balloons and Allergies

Most balloons are made of natural rubber latex and could cause allergies. Please look out for symptoms in case of allergies and seek help. For more information visit skillsshop.co.uk

Inhalation of helium

We know you are all tempted to inhale helium to see who has the squeakiest voice BUT inhaling helium can be dangerous, and we don’t recommend it. Please don’t deprive your body of oxygen and can have serious consequences.

Balloons and Ceilings

Lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces and even static can all pop balloons. If you are planning on placing your balloons on a ceiling, make sure you test it first.

Latex balloons and Oxidisation

Clear balloons become cloudy quickly when exposed to heat and sunshine. After a while coloured balloons will take on a velvety, matte appearance this is a natural process.

Balloons can Pop

We use the highest quality balloons and take special care to make sure your balloons last for your celebration, but unfortunately once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are out of our control.