Enjoy Balloons Responsibly

Confetti Balloons

Don't Let It Go

Refrain from releasing helium balloon outdoors. Tie each balloon individually to a weight.

Pin It & Bin It

Always dispose of balloons responsibly. Pop them and put them in the bin.

Inflate Safely

Always use a balloon pump and NEVER inhale inhale helium.

Supervise Children Under 8

Please supervise small children at all times

Be Latex Allergy Aware

Balloons made of natural rubber latex may cause a reaction to those with latex allergies.

Care For Your Balloons

Your balloons are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Keep them away from direct sunlight and warm places i.e windows incl. cars & conservatories. Helium will expand in warm temperatures, and your balloons could burst. Low temperatures will affect the float time of your balloons and they may look like they are sagging. So make sure they are stored appropriately.

Avoid sharp objects. Check there are no nails or sharp corners / edges that could puncture your balloons.

We always want to touch balloons but please handle with extreme care as they are delicate.

Latex Balloons

Your balloons have been treated with Hi-Float to extend there float time. You can expect them to float for 2-3 days, however they have been known to last over a week.

Bubble Balloons

Follow the above instructions and your balloon should last 5-10 days. Any writing may wrinkle after 24 hours, this is natural as the balloon slowly reduces in size. This cannot be avoided.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons last 5-7 days if stored appropriately.

Air-Filled Balloons

Air-filled displays will last for a couple of weeks but remember, they don’t float.