“Balloon Magic Unleashed: Behind the Scenes of G&T’s Dream Wedding at Ednam House!”
Just gotta spill the deets on our epic away mission to Ednam House for Graham and Tracey's dreamy day – or as we like to call it, the G&T Bash! 🎈

Just gotta spill the deets on our epic away mission to Ednam House for Graham and Tracey’s dreamy day – or as we like to call it, the G&T Bash! 🎈

So, we’re talking balloons, bouquets, and a dash of football rivalry, ’cause why not? Balloons spelling out G&T, the whole shebang! But, let me tell you, turning this wedding wonderland into reality had its fair share of challenges.

First off, lugging our arsenal of balloons, tools, and decorations to Kelso? It’s like planning a military operation. Stock? Check. Tools? Double-check. Now, placing everything in that dreamy event space? Trickier than it sounds. Visualising where each balloon goes is a whole art form – got to make sure the place pops!

Now, onto the pièce de résistance – table bouquets doubling as names. Chelsea vs. Celtic, anyone? Trying to keep the peace between rival teams on the tables was almost as intense as a match day showdown. The things we do for love and balloons, right?

But oh boy, the real drama kicked in when our beloved 34” letter balloon decided to pop, leaving us with one deflated centerpiece and a deflated spirit. Inflating the spare? You guessed it – kaboom! It was a balloon apocalypse, and we needed a hero.

Cue the 111-mile quest for a spare. Talk about dedication to the craft. And you know what? Despite the exploding balloons and the unexpected road trip, Graham and Tracey’s wedding went off without a hitch. The balloons soared, the love was in the air, and even the football rivalries couldn’t dampen the celebration.

Lesson learned: Balloon artists are the unsung heroes of weddings, turning balloon mishaps into magical memories. Until the next adventure, keep it balloony! 🎈✨

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