Spreading Cheer with a 25ft Santa Arch at Santa Bouncefest!
We recently had a blast collaborating with Hardy’s Bouncefest UK to bring the magic of balloons to the Santa Bouncefest. One of our showstoppers was a towering 25ft free-standing Santa arch, complete with Santa's jolly face woven into its design.
25ft Santa Arch at Bouncefest

Now, let’s talk about why it’s crucial to use the right framework for free-standing arches, and why paying attention to the weight footprint matters.

The Framework Matters:

Creating a colossal arch like ours requires more than just balloons and helium. It’s all about the framework, the skeleton that gives shape and stability to the structure. Think of it as the unsung hero behind the scenes. Choosing a suitable framework ensures that your arch stands tall and proud, resisting the forces of gravity and the unpredictable elements.

Weighty Matters:

At the heart of every free-standing arch is its weighty footprint. Picture this: a gust of wind or an enthusiastic touch from a child – without a solid anchor, your arch could go from a festive masterpiece to a deflated disaster. We took extra care to secure our Santa arch with a sturdy base, guaranteeing it stayed put and brought joy without any worries.

Health and Safety First:

Whether indoors or outdoors, health and safety should always be a top priority. As a balloon artist, we understand that our creations become an interactive part of the experience, especially for the little ones. The Santa arch welcomed kids into the sports hall with open arms (literally), setting the tone for a day filled with bouncing fun.

The First Touch of Magic:

Being the first thing children saw as they entered the hall, our Santa arch wasn’t just an eye-catching spectacle; it was the gateway to the enchantment of Santa Bouncefest. The joy on their faces as they reached out to touch the balloons was priceless. It’s moments like these that make our balloon art not just decorations but cherished memories.

In conclusion, creating a breathtaking balloon arch involves more than just creativity – it’s about craftsmanship, safety, and the sheer delight it brings to those who encounter it. Our Santa arch at Santa Bouncefest was a testament to the magic of balloons, proving that with the right framework, a solid weight footprint, and a dash of creativity, you can turn any event into a memorable celebration.

Keep bouncing and ballooning!

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