Christmas 2023 at The Dunes Hotel

Christmas 2023 at The Dunes Hotel

A sophisticated holiday vibe with deep reds, winter greens, forest greens, and chrome copper balloons. It’s all about creating an atmosphere that lasts not just for Christmas but takes you into the New Year with style.

Spreading Cheer with a 25ft Santa Arch at Santa Bouncefest!

25ft Santa Arch at Bouncefest

We recently had a blast collaborating with Hardy’s Bouncefest UK to bring the magic of balloons to the Santa Bouncefest. One of our showstoppers was a towering 25ft free-standing Santa arch, complete with Santa’s jolly face woven into its design.

Balloon Sticks are out!

Balloon Sticks are out

Buckle up for a ride through the winds of change in the balloon world! 🎈🌍 The government’s recent crackdown on disposable plastics has sent ripples through our beloved industry. Plastic balloon straws? Sayonara! 🚫 But, hold onto your hats, because where there’s change, there’s also innovation.